Used Aircraft Ground Support Equipment - Aircraft Tugs, Pushbacks, Cargo Loaders, Belt Loaders, Aircraft Stairs, and more

Global GSE sells used and refurbished aircraft ground support equipment.

Global GSE is part of the international European Aviation and Skybus group of companies, which have over 18 years of experience in the aviation industry.

We currently have over 1200 units of airport ground support equipment in stock at our dedicated facility one mile from the Indianapolis airport.

This includes large quantities of aircraft tugs, pushback tractors, baggage tractors, aircraft belt loaders, aircraft stairs, aircraft cargo loaders, aircraft refueling trucks, aircraft de-icer trucks, lav carts, water carts, aircraft ground power units, aircraft start units, baggage carts, and military K-loaders,

Shipments of aircraft ground support equipment arrive weekly, so please contact us for any GSE you may require but don't currently see listed.