Aircraft Deicers

Aircraft deicers are used when removing compacted snow and ice with a shovel or blade just isn't possible. That's where deicing equipment comes in handy. They generally dispense a heated, pressurized deicing mixture upon an aircraft to help remove built-up ice and snow.

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  • Aircraft Deicers, Diesel Aircraft Deicer Truck; Open Basket

    FMC Trump LMD 2000

    Diesel Aircraft Deicer Truck; Open Basket


    1 in stock

    Used 1997 FMC LMD 2000 aircraft deicer truck has a 7.0 Liter Diesel Engine, an automatic transmission, a Ford 300 Engine, 2M BTU, Dual Heaters, 2,000 Gal capacity, Type 1 and Type 4 Tank, Bottom & Top Load, Single Side Reel, Single Front Nozzle, 41’ Max Basket Height, 450 LB Capacity.