Aircraft Ground Power Units

Aircraft ground power units or GPUs provide DC and/or AC power to the aircraft while on the ground. These units are used to help start engines, perform maintenance, or provide general onboard power while the aircraft is serviced in the hangar or on the ramp. We have both 28-volt GPU's as well as 120-volt GPU's in stock, some with combined air start units.

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  • Aircraft Ground Power Units, 10KW/28 Volt Aircraft Ground Power Unit

    Tiernay MEP 362A

    10KW/28 Volt Aircraft Ground Power Unit


    2 in stock


    Used 1990 Tiernay MEP 362A Aircraft Ground Power Unit (GPU); The MEP 362A can provide 10KW/ 28 Volts and has 310 recorded service hours. The aircraft gpu will be fully serviced, load bank tested, and freshly painted prior to shipment.