Aircraft Refueler/ Defueler

Aircraft refueler/ defuelers can be either a self-contained fuel truck or a fuel cart. Fuel trucks are self-contained, typically containing up to 10,000 US gallons of fuel and have their own pumps, filters, hoses, and other equipment. Fuel trucks typically deliver the fuel to the aircraft. A fuel cart generally hooks into a central pipeline network and provides fuel to the aircraft.

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  • Aircraft Refueler/ Defueler, Aircraft Refueler/ Defueler

    Tri-State Pump Truck

    Aircraft Refueler/ Defueler

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    The Tri-State Aircraft Refueler/ Defueler Pump Truck is built on a 1987 Chevrolet truck frame. The truck is powered by a GM 8.2 - litre diesel V-8 engine. It also has an automatic transmission, air brakes, 35,183 miles, and 1053 hours on the pumping unit.

  • Aircraft Refueler/ Defueler, Diesel Jet Aircraft Refueling Truck; 5,000 Gallon Capacity

    International Navistar KM10

    Diesel Jet Aircraft Refueling Truck; 5,000 Gallon Capacity

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    The International KM10 Jet Aircraft Refueling Truck has an International 6-Cylinder Turbo Diesel Engine, and an Automatic Transmission. The tanker has a 5,000 gallon Jet A1 fuel capacity. A new coat of paint has also been applied.