Lavatory Trucks

Lavatory Service Trucks are a self-contained lavatory service solution. Units come with various tank sizes for waste and rinse.

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  • Lavatory Trucks, Electric; 200 W/ 100 B

    Charlatte CLT-200E Aircraft Lavatory Service Truck

    Electric; 200 W/ 100 B


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    Used 2007 Charlatte CLT-200E electric lav truck is newly painted and in good condition. The low-profile design is perfect for regional jet and narrow-body applications. The unit incorporates a 200-gallon waste tank situated at the front of the vehicle to simplify movement around the aircraft. The 100-gallon water (blue juice) tank is located in the rear behind the 80V/ 500 Ah battery industrial battery. Power is supplied by a 40 hp (30 kw) AC motor which is directly coupled to the heavy-duty Charlatte rear axle. The unit has excellent visibility, maneuverability, and has a maximum speed of 19 mph (30.5 km/h).

  • Lavatory Trucks, Gasoline; 590 W/ 300 B

    Stinar SLS-500 Aircraft Lavatory Service Truck

    Gasoline; 590 W/ 300 B


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    Used Stinar SLS-500 Lavatory Truck is built on the bed of a 1995 Ford F700 and runs on gasoline. It has a 64 inch (1.6 m) rear service deck height. 79,200 miles and 6,956 hours of operation. 590-gallon (2233 L) waste, 300-gallon (1135 L) blue flush/rinse tank capacity