Aircraft Towbars

Towbars are used to connect the tug to the nose landing gear of the aircraft. The towbar must be long enough to place the tug far enough away to avoid hitting the aircraft and to provide sufficient leverage to facilitate turns. Heavier towbars, for large aircraft, are equipped with wheels. When not connected to an aircraft. The wheels are attached to a hydraulic jacking mechanism which can lift the towbar to the correct height to mate to both the airplane and the tug, and once this is accomplished the same mechanism is used in reverse to raise the towbar wheels from the ground during the pushback process. The towbar can be connected at the front or the rear of the tractor, depending on whether the aircraft will be pushed or pulled. The towbar has a shear pin which prevents the aircraft from being mishandled by the tug; when overstressed the shear pin will snap, disconnecting the bar from the nose gear to prevent damage to the aircraft and tug.

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    Aircraft Towbars

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    Tronair Bombardier Dash 8 Q400


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    The Tronair Model 01-1201-0010 Multi-Head Towbar is a multiple aircraft towbar for use with the Tronair Series 500 Multi-Heads. The multi-head towbar includes pneumatic tires in addition to casters at the tug end. There is an eyebolt at the towing end of the towbar which incorporates a spring to dampen shock loads. The Tronair Model 01-0400-0000 towbar head attachment is designed for use with Tronair Multi-Head Towbar. The towbar head attachment uses a sliding pin/stationary pin arrangement to interface with the aircraft tow point. Compatible with BOMBARDIER (REGIONAL) DASH 8-Q400

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    Aero Specialties Bombardier Dash 8 Q400/200

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    Used Aero Specialties towbar for Q400/ Q200 aircraft.

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    Tronair Bombardier Dash 8 Q400/200

    Towbar #2226

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    Used Tronair towbar for Bombardier Dash 8 Q400/200 aircraft.